Sunday, May 06, 2007

Actual Knitting...and an Introduction

My knitting time continues to be drastically curtailed by the beads. I am reminded all over again that knitting is slow and steady, while beads are nearly instant gratification. This week, doing beads spiraled into some paper crafting, which is like an old shoe for me. Anyone who has met me anytime since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors will tell you how easily I fall into the trap of snipping up little bits of paper.

Luckily this weekend did provide some knitting time. I made some good progress on the sock. It is a little slower going than would be ideal but that is of my own doing. Here is sock one at 4.5".
I am making the body of these socks in a K6, P2 ribbing, with a 1" K2, P2 ribbed cuff. Knitting around and around on this sock, I am reminded that I really do like to zone out when I am knitting and lately the K6, P2 ribbing doesn't allow my mind to wander too far. But I like them and I'm happy with the look so they are worth it.

I did a bit on the baby blanket yesterday but it is temporarily in time out. Can you see why?Yesterday afternoon, I got together with some friends to - imagine it - do some knitting! In the last few weeks, one friend who has never tried knitting before said she wanted to learn and two others who had learned to varying degrees many years ago, wanted to get a refresher so that was fun. Maybe they will all decide to take up knitting more regularly. If I can't meet knitting friends, perhaps I can create them.

One last thing. Friday night I spend the evening hanging out with my twin sister, Katy. I've mentioned her before and since we both had on make-up, I took advantage of the opportunity to take our picture. (Her on the left, me on the right.) Katy, who is ten minutes older, is a nurse. She is funny and smart and snide and sarcastic and really mostly wonderful. She has a wicked, sometimes disruptive, contagious laugh. She is largely responsible for my love of both quotes and rollercoasters. As you might expect, I've known Katy longer than I've known anyone in the world and there has never been a time I wasn't glad to be a twin, to be her twin. She isn't a blogger but she has recently purchased herself a Mac, discovered Yahoo messenger and connected her own "air internet", and we are thoroughly proud of her. So I thought it was high time to introduce her to the knitters.

Today's Quote:

"Cushion the painful effects of hard blows by keeping the enthusiasm going strong, even if doing so requires struggle." - Norman Vincent Peale


RC said...

well, at least you caught the blanket before you finished that square!
How about a close up of where your cuff ribbing meets the leg? I like it in the one picture you posted, but I'm still not certain I will like the transition!

you and your sister look so cute together! twins! I always thought that would be cool.

RobynR said...

Hi Katy! :)
The blanket's easy enough to fix, but I too would have stuck it in the corner to contemplate its sins.

Kristy said...

I did correct the blanket problem before I put it in time out. It was a quick fix so I didn't want to sabatoge myself by leaving it wrong.

Charity said...

Hello, Katy!

The blanket is looking good! :0)

Nerdy Knitter said...

What nice things to say about your sister--you're both lucky to have each other, I'm sure.

And thanks for the visit to my blog and wishing luck on the auction. So far, the high bid is just a tad over $200. Yahoo!

Dr. B. said...

Look at you, knitting socks and beading things and snipping paper!

Before I read what you'd written, I saw your photo and thought, "Isn't it amazing how we pick friends who look like us?" (I hadn't remembered you had a twin sister.) Did I ever tell you that we discovered that Nora and I look like we could be sisters? Weird, right?

Dorothy said...

You both look so pretty!

Nora said...

Yes, Dr B, I've always wanted a sister! :)
Kristy, you two are so pretty.
Btw, I just saw the 2nd blanket over at Crazy Aunt Pearl's blog. YAY!!

Nora said...

Purl's! (Pearl's... sheesh!)