Friday, May 04, 2007

Assume the Position

Today I went to the drive-thru teller at the bank. She was working on something apparently quite complicated when I first pulled up so I put my papers in the tray and waited patiently. When she was finished whatever it was she was doing, she said a pleasant hello, followed by, "What are you doooiiinnnnggg?" By the tone of her voice, you might have suspected I was pummeling a baby seal or building a rocket in my car. I was, in fact, doing neither of these things, and I was a little offended by her tone.

What was I doing?? I was
knitting a sock. When I told her what I was doing she said, "Oh." (pause) "Wow." In a very even tone, with raised eyebrows and weak smile. I just smiled, a little smug, knowing that she has no idea what she is missing.

The pictures in this recent Yarn Harlot post have been on my mind. I love to see knitter's hands knitting. Will you show me yours? email me a picture or post it to your blog and leave me a comment and I will compile a list of links for a post next week. (Surely over the weekend you will be knitting and you can find a volunteer photographer or do some sort of contortionist maneuvers and take your own.) I'm going to try to round up a better picture of my own, as this yarn is very dark and the needles are very small. (Thanks for trying, Lori.)

Oh, also, I got yarn in the mail!! I participated in All Things Heather's recent fundraiser and (like magic) yarn arrived to me in the mail. It is beautiful and soft and happy yarn and the colors couldn't be more perfect if I had picked them out myself. It is resting in the glass bowl with my pretty sock yarns and I am ruminating over what it will be. I am thinking it needs to be knit up for a good cause, considering its altruistic upbringing...maybe baby hats for the hospital? We'll see. Thanks, Heather!

Today's Quote:

"Sometimes you do take your life in your hands going in certain places and it's very unpredictable, but that's thrill of it, the excitement of it all. I do like a little danger in life!" -Marc Almond


RC said...

lov-er-ley yarn!
This weekend is packed (MDS&W) but maybe one day next week I'll get DH to picture my hands.... or maybe the Mayor since he's been pretty good with the camera lately! Yes I let my 5 yr old take pics with the digital camera!

BTW, need anything from MDS&W? I can send out with your pattern!

Nora said...

Oh, this sounds good - we'll get to see everyone's hands/knitting style etc!! I knew I should've gone for a manicure this morning! :)

PS: You guys have drive-thru banking?? Man, we are so backward down here...