Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feeling Clever

I've tried three different heel styles and the first two were complete disasters. I will not tell you which two tutorials/patterns crashed and burned because (while I would like to blame the patterns) I can acknowledge freely that it was probably my ineptitude that doomed me. As a general rule, I would say that I do very well at following directions but I have been a massive failure at knitting the socks from the Interweave pattern. Lucky for me, I have my own personal, long-suffering sock guru RC, who once again pulled my socks out of the fire. (Thank you, again, RC!)
Her simple-enough-for-Kristy instructions on the Sherman Heel were lovely and clear and produced a beautiful heel - nay, TWO beautiful heels. See?
So that's all the news that is news around here. Hopefully I can finish these socks up today, then I can go over and play around on Ravelry. (Which I am still finding highly intimidating.)
Oh and by the way...any thoughts on a few little tidbits for me to mail along with Tegan's socks? Katy and I are going to get together sometime in the coming weeks and bake for her but I thought I'd send the socks early this week (she said, optimistically, assuming the socks would be finished). She is 2500 miles from home and for the first time in her life, quite far from her entire family. I have a couple of things in mind but, as is well established around, I rate very high on the lame-o-meter and could maybe use some help.
Today's Quote:

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” -Alexander Pope


Tactless Wonder said...

I just put together a "care/birthday" package from my mom, and while no expert, I always stick in:
- Her favorite chocolate (Sees soft center things.)
- Her favorite tea (Ginger Peach from the Republic of Tea)
- Something she needs/wants but won't buy for herself - Fru fru lotion from bath & body works, bubble bath, silk hankies, a rosary from the Vatican, you know, stuff like that :).

Nora said...

Yep, chocolate and pamering goodies (thanks tactless wonder)!

And I smiled when I saw that heel - truly. x

RobynR said...

I'm with the Tactless Wonder too Kristy. Chocolate, pampering stuff, and maybe, if you have time, the washcloths from knitty . . . the "study, study, study, study, study, party, party" ones?

RC said...

Ha! the washcloths would be fun! but chocolate & bath&bodyworks stuff is always good!

the heel looks great!
(ps I may have mislead you on how to do the heel, but HEY it works! I've been noodling around with some cotton and think I need to revisit the directions myself! lol)

Dr. B. said...

That heel looks really good! Hooray for RC! And you!!

When I was away at college, my dad used to send me quarters so I could do my laundry. But, he would send them taped in rows on index cards, with one long piece of tape per row. Every time I would pull a quarter off, there'd be a little sticker under it on the index card. I found this so pleasing, and not having to hunt down quarters was always nice. I still have the index cards somewhere all these years later. It was super sweet and really practical. (But who knows how it works with the kids these days...)

Kniterella said...

I believe you're well on your way to becoming THE sock guru. Your heel looks great and your stitches are beautiful.

Dusa said...

Lurve the heel - almost makes me want to try toeup socks. Almost.

And I'm compiling a care package to send to my niece - she's leaving for her first year of college in a week. I'm working on some headbands (courtesy of a free pattern at Persnickety Knitter's blog) to include in the mix. I also thought some popcorn, snack pack puddings, tea, etc.

And what's your Ravelry ID - mine's Dusa. Wanna be Ravelry buds? ;-D

Dorothy said...

I also agree with quarters for laundry and I would add a phone card to phone home or a small gift card to Target or Walmart. Maybe some bath and body stuff or some small luxuries that are hard to come by when the money has to go to the basics.

Love the heel on the socks. You are a lot further along with sock knitting than I am.

EnnaVic said...

Little comfort things, a nice handmade soap, a sweet something she likes for comfort food,(with ne it would be chocolate or Russian fudge). Comfort things like a hotwater bottle cover especially made for her (Erm - obviously that is for going to a cold place *g*). A music voucher so she can chosose something she likes for background noise. Coins for simple necessities is a great idea as people have suggested above. Also a nice bookmark or two.

She is lucky to have people to spoil her a wee bit :)

EnnaVic said...

I just thought of something else - some nice notepaper - something versatile.

The best thing I remember during that first year away is unexpected mail. But that was pre mobilephones and e-mail.

Have fun with the package :)