Monday, August 20, 2007

Little Victories & Simple Pleasures

Things have been hectic and down right nutty around here in recent weeks. Last Tuesday, my husband gave me a bit of a health scare that landed him in the hospital for a few days. He is fine now - went back to work today - and we don't anticipate any lasting effects but it did make for a long, tense week last week, which did not include any blogging (obviously) and very very little blog reading. I tell you this and beg the forgiveness of everyone whose comment I didn't acknowledge (I got them! Thank you) and anyone who's email I have failed to respond to this past week or two.

So the socks are done and the package is all packaged up. One finished sock on my foot. It is a bit snug, as she has much smaller feet, but I wanted to see it in action. Note the requested short cuffs. And let me say again, LOVE the Sherman Heel.

It should be noted that my husband voiced his objects to my tattoo making an appearance in this picture. I did end up cropping it out but not because of the tattoo....because of my hairy legs. (TMI? Sorry. My internal filter is apparently on the fritz.)

One thousand and one thank yous to all of you for the care package suggests. Please know that I've made a master list and will likely make use of every single one. I have plans in mind for a Father-of-Dr. B-esque package to include some sort of cleverly presented quarters for laundry. (If you haven't read that post about Dr. B's daddy, you should. So sweet!) Every suggestion is now on the list. Thanks again! Let me know if ya'll think of anything else.

EnnaVic and I must have been on the same cosmic inspiration train. Saturday I got out the molds and the bricks of glycerin soap and coconut oil soap and all of the necessary accoutrement and made a batch (or two or three) of homemade soaps. I should have plenty on hand for a while.

Homemade soap is lovely, of course, but seemed a bit of an odd accompaniment to handknit socks. With a few quick waves of the hands, hocus pocus, Tribbles....masquerading here as "bath poofs".

I whipped up a handmade card and all is well with the care package world.

Here's the homemade goody portion of Tegan's package:Soaps wrapped up.

Some of the soaps unwrapped.

I also included a box of microwave popcorn and some Easy Mac but they didn't make it to the photo session.

Lastly, take a look at this picture and come back later this week (probably Wednesday).
I've decided it is high time to have a contest around these parts. Just giving you a heads up.

As I think I have mentioned here before, I sometimes develop strong feelings for television commercial. My favorites at the moment are both Fruit of the Loom commercials. See them here. There are four in the series but my top one and two (respectively) are Overlove and Apple of my Eye (featuring Vince Gill.) Seriously, though, can you not love a commercial that includes the line "...And even though his hamster died, he finds comfort. this I swear. 'Cause you can't overlove your underwear, cause comfort ain't just found in teddy bears..."

Today's Quote:

"The cynic is one who never sees a good quality in a man and never fails to see a bad one. He is the human owl, vigilant in darkness and blind to light, mousing for vermin, and never seeing noble game. The cynic puts all human actions into two classes - openly bad and secretly bad. " -Henry Ward Beecher


Dr. B. said...

Aw, thank you for your props for my dad. It's really nice to know his genius may bring someone else great comfort.

Also, I'm glad to hear your husband is OK now, but the hospital?! So sorry you both had to go through whatever it was.

And finally, you make handmade soaps?! Seriously. You thought I had a lot of hobbies... look who's talkin'! :)

Nora said...

I emailed you this morning to see if you were ok, then I clicked on bloglines and there you were. Aaaaah... :)

Rose Red said...

Hey Kristy - great care package. Glad your husband is ok.

Am intrigued by the saucepan picture!

Happy to send you the choc pudding recipe, but of course can't find your email address!! If you email me (email is in the sidebar of my blog) I'll send it to you!

Kniterella said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing better. Great care package and your socks are fantastic - think you're a sock knitter at heart?

Also, petted a hedgehog at the MI Fiber Festival last weekend - I now know why your ma loves them so much!

FFC said...

Well, I think I want to play this here contest you mention but looks like it may start in the kitchen....which, as you know, is a bad bad place for me to have a contest.

What exactaly is the contest? Since I am related can I get the inside scoop?

RC said...

Soap?? You are making soap?? I need soap! You up for tradsies? I've got handspun yarn to trade...

Glad DH is better, but how are YOU feeling?!

marit said...

What a nice and thoughtful package you've made for Tegan!

meg said...

I love the colorway on those socks-I've been wanting to do some toe-up, guess I'll have to check out the pattern.
Homemade soap- what a treat!
Glad to hear hubby is on the mend & life is approaching normal. I had to smile at BART knitting- we did that a couple of years ago on a Stitch-N-Bitch field trip to SF; people were facinated.