Sunday, August 05, 2007

On the Go with Toe-Up Socks

My gosh! Where has the week gone? It has been a busy, hectic, crazy week. A productive week on many fronts but a terrible blogging/blog reading week. I hate when I get behind on reading blogs. It is like not talking to friends for too long. I've missed ya'll!

Generally, these busy weeks mean very little knitting gets done. This week, oddly, lots of knitting (for me) has gotten done. Of course, most of this weeks knitting has been done in snippits and I haven't had my camera with me so all of the pictures have been taken with my phone and are, therefore, a bit fuzzy. In spite of the fuzzy, here we go, a quick week in pictures of toe-up socks.

Tuesday evening, I went to my sisters house for dinner and I let her try on sock #1 in progress.
By Saturday, since sock #1 was to the point of starting the heel, I employed by usual sock knitting plan and cast on Sock #2. Saturday, Katy, Lori and I went to San Francisco for the day. Here are Katy and Lori on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit.)
Though I have ridden BART before, it was my first time knitting on BART. It makes me half wish (only half, the other half of me has good sense) that I did the commute everyday.
The sock on the BART.
(As a side note, that is my new brown shoe. Nothing fancy, but they are celebratory shoes that I bought myself when I found out I didn't have to wear the ankle brace anymore. Comfy, flat and with good arch support.)

And here are both socks, just before I started typing. The sock on the right needs 3 more rows to match the other and then I really have to make a decision about the heel. Charity and RC have had much to say about the heel portion of the toe-up socks. RC in particular has expressed some discontent with the heel in the Interweave pattern and Charity recommended this pattern for heels. I am so painfully indecisive at times and this is one of those times. Umm. With those three more rows, both socks will be the necessary length so I'm guessing some decision will be made tonight.
I'll let ya'll know.

Today's Quote:

“In America, every day is a new beginning, every sunset is merely the latest milestone on a voyage that never ends. For this is the land that has never become, but is always in the act of becoming.” -Ronald Reagan


EnnaVic said...

Very cute socks :)

I remember Bart from when we stayed in San Francisco. I envy my husband his daily commute 1/2 hour each way - I'd be knitting or reading (probably not both on a train). He reads or does a crossword - either way it is good headspace!

looks like a nice day as well :)

marit said...

I like your socks!
Nice to have you back in blogging:-)
And I too remember BART from my days in the San Fransisco-area-I lived in Berkely, and BART was our way to get to the city( I never drove...!)
Have a nice week.

RC said...

ok I have a heel.... I just sent you and Charity an email.

its the Sherman heel.. a short row with NO wraps. looks good and NO HOLES!

check email!

Nora said...

You've been missed!