Sunday, July 29, 2007

Toe-Up Socks, Take Two

My first attempt at the toe-up sock was enlightening. I learned the following:

1. I like a less pointy toe than I was getting before.
2. I want a snugger (is that a word?) fit for my socks than I was getting.
3. While I am a process knitter, that doesn't mean I want to intentionally and/or knowingly make socks that won't fit me - or maybe anybody.
4. I love - love! - that yarn.
5. There is no reason to torture myself by knitting an all knew technique (toe-up socks) with a yarn that is such a tiny gauge. (10.5 stitches per inch.)
6. Charity and RC are excellent knitting support group members. At this point, I am not sure who is whose sponsor.
7. There are so many excellent resources on the internet and in books for knitting socks toe-up. I have absolutely no doubt that I will be able to do this. (This is a bold statement for me.)

So rather than torturing myself any further or wasting a yarn I adore on socks that I know won't be what I want, I decided to rip that sock out and start again with a different yarn. Many moons ago, I won a contest Susie had and I've decided to make a second attempt with one of her beautiful creations. This yarn is 400 yards of 100% merino superwash in the Am I Blue colorway. It is very soft, a bit thicker and knits at a much more manageable first-time-for-toe-ups gauge of 6.5 stitches per inch (when I swatched), 7 stitches per inch on these first two inches worth of knitting the sock. (I am not too worried about the precision, as I am confident they will be a nice fit. I am using 56 stitches for the foot, which is where I am knitting now.)

Here we are at the beginning of a new week, with a new sock to knit.

Today's Quote:

"An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he's in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots." -Charles Kettering


EnnaVic said...

Good luck with those socks - the colours in that wool are lovely!

I love your quote *chuckle*

RC said...

perfect quote!
love the blue yarn and I think you made a good choice switching yarns.

Dr. B. said...

Yes! Practice shots!

That is a very soothing non-pointy toe, and the new color is dee-licious. Keep up the good work, lady. You are impressive!

Nora said...

Perfect! Now I'm the only knitter left in blogland that hasn't mastered the toe-up technique. :(

Charity said...

I love the rounder toe! Very nice, and even better that you're happy with it. :0) I would definitely say RC is the sponsor of all here, cause she's so super fast! She could probably knit each of us a pair of socks before either of us will finish one lonely little sock.

Dusa said...

I saw this site the other day and it made me think of your tribbles post -

And yay for the sock love!

Kniterella said...

This toe looks great! I love the colorway and have no doubt that you will complete your toe-ups. Um, are these socks for you? I always hope you'll keep something for yourself!

Dorothy said...

Love how the toe looks! Such a pretty colour too. You absolutely right to rip out something you don't like. Why waste good yarn on something you don't like?