Sunday, November 11, 2007

All Sorts of Good Stuff


The internet is a treasure trove of crafty goodness. Not that this is news, I'm just sayin' is all. Earlier this week, I was reading Marit's blog, where I happened upon Silja Devine's blog. It was Wednesday when I first stopped by and this was the post at the top of the page. Gnomes!!! I immediately knew I had to have gnomes of my own. Luckily Silja posted her pattern. My mama agreed, so we went to Michael's and procured the Fimo clay. We decided they would make excellent Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for wrapped gifts. I made a bunch the size according to the pattern (all the ones on the lower shelf above) and then I made four small ones. I need to make more of the small ones. They are so freakin' cute, both sizes.I haven't put the beards on yet (other than the one) but I will.

Squares for Oliver
I took a brief hiatus from sweater knitting the last couple of days to knit squares for Oliver. One from the leftover yarn from my doctor's socks (top left), two squares from the Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock I used for my very first socks (top right and bottom left), and then one more from the yarn from Tegan's socks (bottom right). Now to put them in the mail to Kay.

Socks for Me

Speaking of Tegan's socks, you may recall that I was knitting socks for me out of that yarn, too. I finished the first sock on the airplane to North Carolina back in September and I thought I'd finished them both but yesterday afternoon, I went looking for my size 1 DPNs and found them in my little sock knitting bag...still in a sock. I had three rows still to knit on the cuff. So, while sitting by the fire on my parents' patio last night, I knit those three rows and - abracadabra - I have my very first pair of handknit socks all my own.
I used the Sherman Heel again and I'm really pleased with the look of them.
And they fit perfectly.
Now I really do need to knit some more sweaters.

Today's Quote:

"For it is in giving that we receive." -St. Francis of Assisi


EnnaVic said...

OMG - just rushing out to get boys from school so will read the post properly later but...

those gnomes are so cute!

RobynR said...

Love the gnomes, love the socks, love the little . . . butterfly?

daaydream said...

Could you make a mooning gnome? I'm just asking is all?!?

Trixie said...

WOW! What great gnomes! I can see even more colors. Thanks for the links.

Your socks look fantastic, as does the fire.

Silja said...

I love yoy gnomes! They came out fantastic! And they are so fast and addictive to make! loved seeing yours!

RC said...

OH a perfect project for The Mayor and I! sweet!

I'm so proud of your socks! You at you go girl! whooot!

marit said...

The gnomes are just the cutest! I saw Siljas post too, but it never occurred to me to make them. Hmmm. Might have to get some of that clay and sit down with the kids.
GREAT socks too:-)

Needles said...

The Gnomes are so very sweet. I've popped over from Yarn Harlot. Tell your daughter this.

Robert Kennedy Junior was at a Western Canadian conference some years ago, and was asked what he saw as the principle difference between Americans and Canadians. He was stumped for a bit, but after some thought replied that the difference is that if a Canadian comes upon a red light at 4 in the morning, and no one is comming from the other direction, the Canadian will wait till the light turns green. The American will stop and then go through.

I thought that sums the differences rather well!

Dr. B. said...

So it's Fimo clay now? I thought you were gonna say they were marzipan. But, no. You're using a whole other medium now, clearly just to make it difficult for the rest of us... always always with the new crafts.


marit said...

hehehe-love Dr. B's marzipansuggestion...

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Hi Kristy,

You commented on my blog about a week ago, but I didn't have your e-mail addy to thank you for it. I finally decided to find you through your blog and presto! here you are. So thank you so much for your kindness. :)

I'm sorry to read of your upcoming ankle surgery. Perhaps after the holidays (or when you've recovered, whichever comes first), you might like to meet for some yarn shopping or something. I'm in San Lorenzo (right next to Hayward), but I lived in Sacramento for 13 years and am familiar with your location. Maybe somewhere in between? Or we could do the big one and hit the City. Just sayin'. :)

Pam Mann said...

Hi Kristy,

I absolutely LOVE Sugar Maple by Perchance to Knit! If you're considering it, I'd advise you to buy it. I didn't profile it on my yarn review page because I've already shown one of Susie's yarns. I can guarantee, though, that if you like the fall colors, you'll love that colorway.

Thank you for your kind comments about my health. It doesn't interfere with my knitting. :)

courtney said...