Wednesday, May 21, 2008

40 Hats

We have reached a milestone....40 Hats. I know there are others on the way in the mail but as of tonight, I have 40 hats (as pictured above) in my possession. Thank you, thank you!!!

Also, Milestone #2, my beloved local purveyor of yarny goodness has launched her website. Stop by!!! Click on the front door, and you're there...136 North Third Avenue, Oakdale, California 95361. (209) 845-2258. The free shipping on orders of hat yarn deal is still in effect. Take advantage while she is feeling generous! (Seriously, though, she is very generous. That offer isn't going anywhere.)

Because quick is the status quo around here of late (still knitting hats...26 so far for me) I'll tell you these tidbits:

1) I have approximately 400 million yards (give or take) of hand dyed cotton that I will be sending to RC as a prize for the hat contest.

2) My sister Katy, new knitter extraordinaire has carpal tunnel. Seriously! She is halfway through hat number three and making a valiant effort with the brace.

3) Remember these words: LABOR OF LOVE. There are plans in the works for a shindig at Hooks and Needles to wrap up the hat project over Labor Day weekend. I'll post more details as they come but for now, if you can be in bright and shiny Oakdale, California any time between Saturday, August 30 through Monday, September 1, please save the date. Sidenote: Oakdale is a perfect potty stop on the way to/from Yosemite from a lot of locations. Kaylee has promised to stock up on TP.

4) The Ravelry group is growing by leaps and bounds. We are currently at 28 members. If you haven't joined, please do. If you are lurking around out there knitting hats in some cold dark corner, please poke your head out and let me know you are there. It is so exciting to know where everyone is.

I think that's it. Things are nuts on this end but good nuts, not nuts a la first quarter 2008. Send yarn. Send wine.

Today's Quote:

"That ain't the half of it, honey, but that's all I'm telling." -Alice Coachman


Charity said...

Woo Hoo! 40 in hand already - that's great! :0)

Heidelweiss said...

Love the hats! You are a superfast knitter. I'll bet it's so fun for you to see this coming together! People from all over the world are participating, right? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing you already have 40 hats! They are really beautiful too--I'm encouraged to do brighter and more fun colors now :)

I didn't realize the wait to sign up at Ravelry had gotten so short (and that you had a sign up there), but I've requested membership and am on my 4th hat. I hope to be able to post more from there once I have a log in!

Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring all of us :)


RC said...

I just finsihed one and have a 2nd from a previous project- so 2 for me! yippie!
and tonight it knit night so maybe the ladies will bring more

(pizza and brownie bites tonight- plus a little Wii Fit)

RuthieJ said...

1 & 1/2 new hats knitted so far, but I found 9 already knitted stashed away in my cupboard when I was searching for yarn the other day.
I'm in Ravelry, but haven't had time to figure out how to get to your group yet, so maybe this weekend I can post my progress there.

Lynn said...

Can't remember if I've posted or not, but I've got at least 2 hats done with hopes of sending a couple more out before your deadline. Looks as if you will be making your goal and then some!!!