Thursday, May 29, 2008



Over on the Ravelry hat project group, Gari (myarn on Ravelry) informed us in a post from Tuesday that they are planning a hat KAL and potluck at Maranacook Yarns in Readfield, Maine on June 13. I was so excited and inspired by this that I talked to the ladies at my LYS and we decided to make it a bi-coastal knitting potluck.

If you live within driving distance of either location, it would be so awesome if you could make it out. I’d love to put some names and faces together and, of course, it is always good to meet more knitters! Come for an hour or stay for the whole time, but please come!

SO! Friday, June 13 5pm-9pm, please join us in Readfield, Maine or Oakdale, California for hat knitting and food.

Maranacook Yarns 138 South Road • Readfield, Maine • 04355 • 207-685-9704 •

Hooks & Needles Yarn Shop 136 N. Third Avenue • Oakdale, California • 95361 • 209-845-2258 •

P.S. Does anyone want to host a knitting potluck somewhere in between??


I received a box of hats and handknits from Kim on Tuesday. This was my first batch of Hats from Afar. Thank you, Kim! I’ll take pictures this weekend and share all of the knitterly goodness with you then.

Then today I got another package in the mail, this time from Bea in Norway. It never never ceases to amaze me how many awesome knitters there are out there. And I mean both awesomely skilled at knitting – I am impressed and a little intimidated every time I look at others’ Flickr pages – and awesome, wonderful people, as evidenced by their generosity and willingness to reach out and lend a hand…or a handknit, as the case may be. Thanks, Bea! You rock!!

On the Home Front

The current hat count is 70. Personally, I am on course for success in regards to my goal of completing a Hat a Day in May…Which means, of course, that while I haven’t strictly knit one hat each day, I’ve come pretty close and will have completed 31 hats by Saturday. I’m going to give myself a breather in June and set a goal of one hat each week and then, depending on how the counts are going, get back on the Hat a Day wagon in July. This should give me time in June to finish Lori’s much neglected socks, (RC, how did you knit so many pairs of these and I got so far behind?) work on the Loopy Ewe and a few other odds and ends. If I get some sort of wild hair, maybe I’ll even manage to knit a long, long neglected hedgehog or a llama. Lori’s socks are a must. We’ll see about the others.


I think I might be suffering from some sort of knitting-related illness. Last night, I was standing in the yarn shop, mentally debating my next hat, while at the same time dreamily caressing the Panda Silk and contemplating knitting myself a headscarf. Something light and a little airy and beautiful and delicate. Maybe a simple Mobius something. So, May is for hats, June for socks and tending to existing projects, July for hats. Perhaps in August...

Today’s Quote

Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"


Charity said...

Yay, your first hat arrivals! How exciting! :0)

Deb said...

Wow, that package from Bea arrived fast! Can't wait to see it. Loved the stuff in the package from Kim. It's like Christmas in May, isn't it? Only the presents will be for a great group of kids. Pay it forward!

Lynn said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have 4 hats done with another one in the process. I plan on mailing them out to you in Aug so I may finish up a couple more before they get to you.

This is a great thing you are doing and something I enjoy doing.

RC said...

I received 2 hats and a BUNCH of mittens (really really nice ones)- I'm so behind in blogging I don't know where to start...
AND I love Lori's sock pattern- easy, quick and nice texture- works with every yarn I've tried so far.
I need you to do another pattern so I stop obcessing on this...

RuthieJ said...

Hey Kristy,
I've gotten 2 & 1/2 hats done and featured them in my blog post tonight. Now that I've finished a couple other projects, I can give more effort to hats.

Heidelweiss said...

70 hats! Wow! I'll be sending some your way in the next few months. The potluck sounds like a great idea-have fun!

marit said...

Oh, I'd love to join in for the potluck- too far away only:-(
70 hats is pretty awesome! I'm done with 3 so far...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! You really made my day :D

I'm glad to hear that the hats arrived safely, and that you are getting closer to you're goal of 300 hats!!

Take care!