Thursday, June 05, 2008

Watch This Space

As ya'll may have noticed, I seem to live by a pretty loose interpretation of time. Like, when I say I'm going to take pictures over the weekend, sometimes that means, not the weekend but sometime. You know, eventually.

This past weekend turned out to be strangely chaotic and I didn't get pictures done but tonight I have firm plans to conduct a Hat Photo Shot. I'm so excited. Please check back tomorrow (realistically, probably late afternoon/early evening) for pictures of the hats so far. I will also have a new accurate count....we are somewhere in the 80s now.

Not to be repetitively redundant but for informational purposes and because I'm not sure if everyone who reads here is on Ravelry, I am posting this update verbatim from the Ravelry group. People have been asking (and rightly so - hurray!) what I plan to do if I end up with more than 300 hats....

Thank you so much for asking. At the moment, I have 70 hats. If I receive more than the minimum needed of 300, I will take them with me to Ukraine. My reasoning on that is twofold:

1) 300 is the approximate number of children currently living in this particular orphanage. The number of residents at a facility like this can fluctuate from day-to-day and so by September, there may be more children living there. The maximum they can they can accommodate is 425 though they have not ever “reached capacity”.

2) If there are more hats than heads, I’d like to leave extra hats with the staff so when new children come to live there, they will be able to provide those children a hat as a sort of welcome gift. I can only imagine how frightening and intimidating it most be to enter a facility like that - with literally hundreds of other children - and I like to think that a little personal handmade gift might brighten a difficult day for those children.

Additionally, if we end up with more than needed, I’d like to include the staff of the orphanage in the handknit hat love. There are less than 30 workers in this facility (what a daunting task…can you even fathom what that kind of work must be like?) and I’m sure they would appreciate a special hat, too, if there are enough.

If you have any other thoughts/questions on that please let me know.

Ok. Just a quickie but I am all out of time at the moment. Come back tomorrow for the pictures!!

Today's Quote:

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Gandhi


RC said...

Yeah Hats!
ps. if hat transportation gets rough, I'm happy to air mail a box to meet you there!

Heidelweiss said...

I can't believe there are only 30 workers there. It really makes me want to get over there and help! Those poor little kids. I'm so glad you are doing this-I'm sure they'll appreciate it so much. Love the quote-I think we all lose faith in humanity from time to time but then we see someone like who is doing so much to help. Thank you.

Heidelweiss said...

Am I just making things up or did someone comment on your blog about mittens made out of felted sweaters? I know I saw them somewhere but I can't remember where!