Monday, July 09, 2007

Walk Like an Egyptian

Wow! Both Dorothy and RC dubbed me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Who would have imagined? Gosh - I'm blushing. Thank you both! It is amazing how many wonderful, amazing, kind, talented women I've "met" in blogland. You both ROCK, too, and I would so peg each of you if you hadn't already been anointed.

There are so many fabulous Rockin' Girl Bloggers and it is tough to pick just I didn't. I decided 7 is better so here you go. Seven Rockin' Girl Bloggers:

Kim - My lovely and talented ISE3 pal who I was so blessed to meet - and so perfectly matched with. It was Kim (along with RC) who finally coaxed me over to the world of sock knitting. I really should thank them both more often.

Marit - With the amazing photos of both her family farm and her beautiful Norwegian scenery, it was easy to fall head-over-heels for both Marit and her blog. As if that wasn't enough, she knits beautiful things right there in the midst of her very own sheep AND she has real live hedgehogs in her backyard.

Dr. B - what can be said about the lovely and talented Dr. B that you don't already know? She is very chic and cool and, as I have told her before, I would feel like a rhinestone studded loafer at a Jimmy Choo convention if we were ever to meet in person. She knits, she sews, she quilts, she is hilarious. The epitome of Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Robyn - Robyn was a shu in when you consider that I have a soft spot for both Canadians (which Robyn is by birth) and Southerners (which Robyn is by residence). I have been reading Robyn's blog since its infancy and it has been fun to watch her blog and her blog style develop over the last - wow! It has been nearly a year already.

Jessica - Yes I do realize that Jessica is almost exclusively a hooker (sorry, crocheter?...) and only very rarely knits but I like her very much anyway. She, too, is a fabulous photographer and does, indeed, make wonderful, beautiful handmade items from yarn...with nary a knitting needle in sight. Jessica is another blogger who I've had the privilege of reading from very early on.

EnnaVic - A brief mention of my Christmas ornament sweaters lead EnnaVic to me and I have been so glad I posted those pictures ever since. One of my most favorite things about blogging is the opportunity to meet knitters (and non-knitters, too) from all over the world. I am a newly minted, heart-felted admirer of New Zealand, owing almost exclusively due to the lovely EnnaVic.

Charity - So calm, cool and collected, Knitting in the North is always a joy to read and if I inadvertently miss a post, I always feel like I've missed out. Charity does beautiful work - her hand knits never cease to impress me - and she is a stellar example of the even-keeled, subtly hilarious Canadians I've come to know and love in blogland...and in general.

Ahhhh....I could list on and on. Really. The knitters, the bloggers...ya'll all rock. Now, you seven, go forth and spread the Rockin' Girl Blogger goodness.

Now I really must get back to watching Cities of the Underworld on the History Channel. We are talking about Vlad the Impaler of my favorite historical figures. (Yes, yes, I know how twisted that is. I'm fairly keen on Caligula, too. There, you know my dark secrets.)

I delivered the socks today and had the ankle checked up on...more on that later.
Today's Quote:
"As a woman, I find it very embarrassing to be in a meeting and realize I'm the only one in the room with balls." -Rita Mae Brown


Charity said...

Thanks, Kristy! I have to tell you, I don't generally feel all calm, cool and collected, but maybe it's all relative, eh? :0)

Jessica said...

Wow thank you! I don't know what to say!! I am honored to be the only hooker on your list :-). But I am going to make another attempt at knitting here in the near future, and I will post pictures so that you can laugh and understand why I should just stick with the crochet!!

Jessica said...

And also, did you see Crazy Aunt Purl's post from yesterday? She has a link to someone who made knitting-themed marzipan cupcakes. They are so cute! I thought of you and your veggies! Oh the talent you find in blogland!

Dr. B. said...

Oh my goodness Kristy, you are so very, very sweet! I am extremely flattered!!

But let me settle one thing right now: I am no Jimmy Choo convention. I assure you.

Thank you for your kindness and your rockin'-ness!

(Awaiting news of ankle progress. Fingers crossed.)

EnnaVic said...

Thank you Kristy - that is really sweet of you to add me in there. Iso appreciate your support and kindness over the last few months.


EnnaVic said...

Oh - I forgot to add - I found a cute pattern for a knitted bird ornament (sort of Mexican style) in an Australian knitting mag - wasn't going to buy it but then it had some other bits in it I liked too, so somehow it found it's way home. *chuckle*

Oh - and for Iso in comment above read I am so - silly keyboard!

Nora said...

Congratulations Kristy! Very deserving indeed. x