Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yarn Party

I would like to point out that it is right now 11:29 p.m. at my house so technically speaking I got this in on Thursday, as we discussed.

It is no secret that this last year has been a trying one here at house of Ok! What Next?? I don't think it is a secret, either, that I am so very thankful for all of the kindness everyone has shown around this blog during that time. The encouragement and friendship and laughs and warm wishes have meant more to me than I can possibly put into words. That's where this contest comes from: I figure, what I can't say with words, I can probably say with free yarn and goodies.

I love a contest. Who doesn't, really? I've thought and thought about how I could make this contest fun for everybody and spread the winning around. My original plan was to have ya'll tell me your most embarrassing stories and I would pick one at random to get a prize. But then I decided, maybe people won't want to tell their most embarrassing stories on the internet and that's ok. They should still be able to win right? So, because it is my contest, and I can do what I want, I've decided on a three-pronged approach. (Do the words "three-pronged approach" suck a little of the fun out of it?) There are three ways to get in on this contest:

1. Leave me a comment with the story of your most embarrassing moment(s). It can be recent or years and years ago, painfully, scarringly embarrassing, wishing you could fade into the wall embarrassing or just I-can-never-show-my-face-in-this-place-again embarrassing. Of course, I would never expect ya'll to do something I wouldn't so on the day I announce the prize winners, I will tell ya'll my most embarrassing story, too. And yes, sadly, there are more embarrassing stories than the yarn dying incident with the police. You get 3 entries for telling me your embarrassing story. You can even tell me more then one (up to 2) and I'll give you entries for both.

2. Remember that pot of mystery cooking I showed you on Monday? This is one of my favorite things to eat. Leave me a comment with your guess as to what I was making in that pot. This can be worth 2 entries - one entry for guessing what it is and a second entry if you get it right. (Sorry, if you know me in real life, you are disqualified from #2.)

3. These are my buttons. (And their Tootsie Roll tin that I found at the antigue store for a dollar.) Guess how many buttons are pictured. You get one entry just for guessing and the first person to guess the right number (or the person who comes closest without going over) automatically wins a prize. (which prize, I haven't decided yet.)

Ok! So, what are you playing for? Here are the prizes:

1. Hardback copy of Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes and candle.
This is the only non-yarn related prize. If you comment and you aren't a knitter (or crocheter) and could care less about winning yarn, tell me. I will be drawing separately for this prize if I have more than one person who enters and isn't interested in the rest of the prizes, otherwise this prize goes into the pool with the others.

2. Three skeins of Berroco Softwist in Red.

3. Two skeins of SiSu Fantasy sock yarn in a nameless black, while, purple, grey, and blue along with a book-on-cd, Leeway Cottage by Beth Gutcheon.

4. Beautiful round, lidded basket with one skein of Trekking XXL in the 182 colorway (olive brown, gold and natural) and Lantern Moon sweater keychain.

5. This one I have considered keeping for myself ( but I won't!)Beautiful little handled basket containing one wonderful skein of Schaeffer Anne and a set of 5 Brittany dpns, size US2.

There you have it! I am so excited about these prizes. I can't wait to give them away to ya'll!! (Of course, if no one wants to play and I end up keeping all of these prizes, I promise to give your prizes a good home.) Oh, also, each prize will include something that isn't pictured because really, prizes and surprises? Who doesn't want that?!?

The contest starts now (11:29 p.m., Pacific time, California, USA and all entries must be received by 11:59 p.m., pacific time USA, Saturday, September 1, 2007. I'll post the winners and their prizes on Sunday night.

Please, please, please if you are not a blogger, please leave me your email in your comment or email me (crickitleigh at hotmail dot com) with your contact info. I would hate to pick a winner and then not be able to send you your prize.
Good luck!!!
Today's Quote:
"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." -Yogi Berra


RC said...

if I do all 3, does that mean I get 3 chances to win?

Kristy said...

RC, if you do all three, that means you can get up to 6 chances: 3 for your story, one for guessing on the pot, one for getting it right (if you do) and then one for guessing on the button. See? Lots of chances!

Dana said...

Is this you?? I'm still trying to figure out my Secret Pal. ;)

Susanne said...

1.OK, embarrassing story first: Married to a man my kids weren't crazy about..he had never been married or had children..I brought 2 teenagers into themarriage. I had to pick up some xrays from my Dr's office one day and as no parking was available I jumped out of the front seat and ran into the office as he drove around. My oldest DD was in the back seat, in a typical adolescent teenage funk. I came running out of the Dr's office having secured said x-rays and jumped into the car, noting that DD was now in the front seat and isn't that wonderful, she is "bonding", "communicating" etc, etc. I jumped into the back seat and said, noticing alot of garbage (?) on the floor! That was not my husband's way at all and so I said, "Hey what is all this sh*t here?"! I looked up to see 2 VERY started women gawking at me with the most incredulous looks on their faces...yes driving an identical car!! Meanwhile, my DD (still in the rear seat) and my husband were waiting a few cars over, having watched the entire scene play out! Needless to say I apologized to the two (still) shocked women and climbed into my car laughing hysterically. Neither my husband (who is no longer my husband) or my DD were impressed! That is still the funniest story told at family girls still cringe!
2. Contents of pot..I thought at first it was perhaps (my fav) corn chowder but it is probably tapioca pudding...or fish eye pudding as I call it! Enjoy it!
3. I guess there are 372 buttons!
Thanks for a great contest...I am a knitter who enjoys yarn, baskets and anything else you want to throw my way :) thanks Susanne in warm sunny Edmonton, AB Canada

RC said...

1 the pot contains rice pudding
2. buttons number 500
3 the story... oh what story to tell? hhmm. the time my mom sent me a singing clown telegram to announce my birthday At Work? and his lovlely ditty included lots of personal information, like how I would not sit down to eat at the time. And now everyone in the BUILDING knew that plus more? That was fun.
OR shopping in WalMart with The Mayor- I'm looking for some new bras and he says in his best 5yr old boy voice "Mom, what are those?" I explain-softley that they are bras and he Exclaims "But You Already Got Those!!" and everyone in the store looks & laughs. That was fun too

OR check out my blog post from april 06 when the Yarn Harlot came to visit
Better & better...

AH Ha- I have it! Remember the tank style dresses from about 5 yrs ago? well, I was out running errands with The Mayor. In and out of the car, multiple stops, baby in a car seat & bags. Apparently the friction of getting in and out of the car was just too much for the BUTTON BACK dress to handle. I am in Walgreens CHECKOUT with baby & purchases when a strange woman grabs my dress from behind and starts fiddling with it! Luckily the baby was in his seat on the floor or I would have dropped him! I yelled (and cop my MostSouthPhilly attitude) whip around and get into this poor woman's face- she rather quickley explains that my BUTTONS WERE ALL UNDONE AND MY HEINEY WAS EXPOSED. a. I'm embarrased and have no idea how long my butt was hanging out- remember multiple stops.
b. quick inventory and realize at least I'm wearing clean whiteies
c. I pratically gave this kind woman a heart attack when I whipped around to confront her (me paranoid? ya think?)
d. I HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP with some of the buttons I could not reach.
Good times, yup.

FFC said...

I knew what was in the pot dang it and now you have excluded me! I think you should give me my 2 entries for knowing what was in the pot AND being correct before you even posted the official contest rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't think of any embarassing stories at the moment. I will come back though if I think of one.

Buttons: My guess is 845.

Dr. B. said...

Creamed corn.

It would be hilarious if that were not only my guess for what's in the pot but also my embarrassing story. But, alas, it isn't so.

Rose Red said...

Pot - I guess macaroni and cheese.

Buttons - I guess 257

Embarrassing story - I know I have many but I repress them so deeply that I can never recollect any (but I'll give it some thought!!)

Weeeeeeeee! Competitions are exciting!

Tactless Wonder said...

Buttons: Ummmm 342

In the pot: ummmmm tapioca pudding...

Embarassing Story: You know, I am trying to remember one I'm willing to share...They call me tactless wonder for a reason...

How about...Picture it, East LA, circa 1986 ish, I was in 6th or 7th grade. Recess was always a silly thing to me at that school, they gave us 10 minutes. It took amost 4 to go down to the playground, 4 to go you had a whole 2 minutes to wander around...and if you had to go pee, you pretty much had just enough time to go and then get in line to go back to class...So I'd worked it out with the teacher to help get her ready for the after-recess class, and my best friend helped another teacher and bammo, we didn't have to deal with going down to the playground.

So one day I notice, during class, that the teacher stuck our upcoming all-ready-to-go report cards into the file box I usually filed papers in. I was shocked! Those were sacred things. I guess I sat up and stared too long cuz I hear the teacher say to the entire class, "No Mary, you're not going to get a chance to look at these during recess."

I was way confused, but more embarassed than ANYTHING. And years later maybe a little pissed that she had thought that badly of me to begin with. Sure, one of my thoughts was that someone could easily get a glimpse of their grades beforehand, but she thought I wanted to see everyone's grades! Hello, I filed all of their paperwork, I already knew who was failing!

I stopped helping her at recess from that point on.

ikkinlala said...

For the pot: rice pudding?

For the buttons: 188.

For the embarrassing story: I can't really pick one that's the most embarrassing, but here's one that mortified me at the time. We went on a field trip in grade 7 to a camp in the mountains for a week, and the girls and boys stayed in separate teepees. I got up at night with a nosebleed and successfully found my way to the bathroom, but when I tried to get back I somehow ended up opening the door of the boys' teepee. I don't remember exactly what anyone said, but I wanted to run home.

Kniterella said...

Free yarn?

1. Sadly, there are many embarrassing moments - I will share a lighter one; Backstory: I have acrylic nails and often get them airbrushed with some cool color design. I work at a bank (not a teller) and my boss is the CFO.

I was headed to a nail appt. when my boss caught me in the hall to talk quick business. As he was in the middle of his point, my thumb nail flew it did not hit him...and landed on the floor. He pointed to it and said "dropped your nail" then continued on with his talk without missing a beat. I picked up the errant nail and stuffed it in my pocket. Now, I always carry a little bottle of nail glue.

2. tapioca

3. 285

marit said...

1.I don't really remember-thankfully I forget soon- but one is rather embarrassing...I had started in a new school,learning to be a goldsmith, and on the very first day we were gathered together to walk through the school. It was a pretty long walk, and we ended up in the classroom all standing, it was hot and stuffed, I was in the back, and I fainted...(I had too little iron in my blood,I was too tall, and I hadn't eaten breakfast that day...) I quit only a few weeks later:-(
2.that must be rømmegrøt! Porridge made out of sour cream! mmm-delicious!
3. 237 buttons.

Dusa said...

1. Ninth grade - stage manager for school musical. Standing in the orchestra pit, trying to impress the seniors by imitating the choreography. I'm not a dancer - they weren't impressed. And told everyone but me. Wow, thanks for letting me dredge that memory up... lol.
2. Oyster Stew with lots of melty hungry.
3. 302 buttons.

And I'm glad we get to share your journey with you!

Dorothy said...

1. My most embarrassing story. I was working at a truss and pallet factory building crates about ten years ago. There were about 30 people working there and I was one of four women. One day I had on my favourite, well worn jeans and as I bent to nail the last side to the bottom of the last crate, I heard a tearing sound. I had split my jeans! Fortunately there was a handy roll of duct tape and I was able to do a very obvious repair. I had to hear all about x marking the spot for months.

2. I am also guessing rice pudding. My favourite pudding.

3. I think there are 241 buttons in the photo.

Contests are fun. I do hope things are improving for you and continue to do so for quite a while. You deserve some happiness.

RobynR said...

1. Embarrassment . . . let's see. There was the gastrointestinal upset that I suffered every time I slept somewhere other than an actual home. So camping (even with my parents) and retreats always found me running for the bathroom every hour or two throughout the night. One memorable weekend I was at a bluegrass festival with my family and went out for a bathroom run in the middle of the night. On my way back, I got disoriented and walked right into the trailer of some folks who were very much not my folks.
There was also the time I got pantsed (both layers) in front of what seemed like my entire school in the seventh grade.
There's another one, but it's searingly embarrassing and I refuse to go there *grin*
2. Corn pudding?
3. Buttons . . . ummm, 421?

RobynR said...

Oh, there was also the time I turned neon red and nearly passed out in a spinning class.
No, as a matter of fact, I never did go back *sigh*

daaydream said...

9th grade ... Easter Mass,alter server, white garmets, standing room only .... girly stuff!!

Same year... passed out in front of the Alamo during a parade, in front of the judging stand with my drum on, and got stepped on in the face

2. Tapioca

3. 334

Jo said...

255 buttons

Cream of wheat?

What fun! Not sure I'll do the embarrassing story though... may have to think about that one.

FFC said...

Kristy, I posted my most embarassing moment over on my blog. I felt it was a little long to leave in your commnets.

Please check it out!

Anne said...

In the pot? corn chowder.

Most embarrassing? Yikes--well, I am the oldest of 4 and my mother, whom I adore, this was not her fault except in the not-asking-for-enough-help department, grew up in a big city and was/is clueless about some of the HUGE rituals of suburban life. So can we say that my prom dress is still something I can hardly think about without being totally crunchingly embarrassed? Yeah.

Happy Mama to Three said...

I know what's in the pot, and I think there should be a special prize for FFC and I cause we know, we know.

Buttons, hmmm 157.

And embarrassing. God you have known me all your life you know my most embarrassing moments. Though off the top of my head it has to be the Borders Books with FFC and the Princess and the Princess announces for about the 10th time she has to pee, and then does, right there in the floor. Bad mommy for not reacting soon enough, I KNOW I KNOW. She did get a new outfit out of the event. (BTW I think she was 3 at the time so it wasn't like my almost teenager peed in the floor, that would truly be embarrassing).

And I noticed there was a correct guess in your comments for what's in the pot. How funny, I didn't figure anyone would guess that.

(of the knows her in real life contingent)

Kristy said...

Cindi, yes, we all continue to be amused by little missy peeing in the floor story. Anyway, I thought that was Books-a-Million.

Also, not embarrassing, but I still like the stepping on a metal jack story. You were such a whiner.