Thursday, September 06, 2007

You Give Me Fever

The other night, I got a text message from Lori. It said and I quote:

"Having a problem. I need your help. I feel the something. Perhaps a jeans.....something. Help ME!"

What self-respecting craft lover can resist that kind of invitation?

I texted her back with an enthusiastic "OK!" and within a couple of hours, we'd gone to the craft store (luckily it doesn't close early on Saturday night), picked out fabrics and threads and were back at my house, where Lori was learning the gentle art of the figure-eight knot. (The figure-eight knot, for those who don't know, is the knot used in candlewicking. It is my knot of choice, as the french knot makes me curse and throw things.)

She is making a pillow (two pillows, actual. Lori is ambitious.) She is doing a square, instead of the circles, a la Purl Bee. Here she is, showing off her very first knot. Last night she went to Borders and bought an embroidery book, then today she told me that she didn't want to do work. She wanted to work on her pillow. I was nearly moved to tears of joy.

I felt a bit like the blind leading the blind on this one, as I am certainly no expert when it comes to embroidery, but she seems happy and now she has her book so all is well.

I have been working on a connect-the-dots pillow for my mother. I am pleased with the way that it is coming along and should have it done soon.

The fabric at the top will be the back of the pillow and the front will be the embroidered piece. The colors aren't exactly true. In this picture they appear to be red, yellow and white but in reality they are more like a deep burgundy, dark dark mustard and a cream that is almost tan.

On the knitting front, I am working on a pair of toe-up socks for me. Yep, for me. I am using what was left of the yarn from Tegan's socks. These socks were not planned but I am glad to be making myself socks. The night a few weeks back when my husband ended up at the hospital, he was taken there by ambulance and the whole thing was kind of frantic, as one might imagine, and I didn't have much time to plan for knitting. I grabbed the little bag with Tegan's unfinished socks and was out the door. Shortly into that all night ER vigil, I finished the socks and realized I didn't have anymore work-in-progress knitting with me so I cast on for another pair of socks. Since I knew the gauge of this yarn/needle combo, I measured my own feet and started knitting....and I was once again oh-so-very thankful to call myself a knitter.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in the contest. The air conditioning is finally fixed at my house and I can comfortably do something in my home other than gather up clothes to take to someone else's house to sleep. I boxed up each of the prizes last night and will be taking them to the post office tomorrow.

Today's Quote:

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't." -Eleanor Roosevelt


daaydream said...

Wait wait ... me too... I NEED/want to make a pillow case for Christmas.... come help me too??

:) I'm pretty geeked about the idea for this one. Thanks. :)

Kniterella said...

Could your drop by and make pillows with me?

Yours looks great and - Way to go Lori!!!

RC said...



Dr. B. said...

Yes. Yes! The force is strong with this one.

Nicely done, Kristy! Way to bring someone else over to the dot side. (Get it? Dot side? Dark side?) Looking good!

FFC said...

Actually Dr. B, it was mostly your fault. I had wandered over to YOUR blog and that is when I got the fever!

But I am having so much fun with my pillows. We will post another picture soon so I can show off my progress (and my boo-boo's, ummm or errors)


EnnaVic said...

Just running through:

That pillow is awesome :) And well done Lori - And re your last post - Fester sounds like someone who needs a more hobby!)

PS: only read 2 blogs in the last 10 days - yours and Yarn Harlot - actually not YH yet but I'm heading there now - have 5 messages to catch up on.

Dorothy said...

The dots are very cute and the pillow is going to look great when it's done.

Every sock knitter need a pair of hand knit socks for her own feet too.

Deb said...

say girl, have you disappeared off the face of the earth? Haven't seen you at girls night out in forever. How am I supposed to pick your brain about blogging if you are not there? Got my invite to Ravelry, too cool! Still plugging away on MS#, swatched for SotS but not yet for secret of Chrysopolis. Can you say too many secrets? Oh well, if you're gonna go, go big, right? See you sometime.

Dr. B. said...

Is everything ok over there? It's been a long time since we've heard from you...I don't want to pester or anything but, you know, we worry.